Who am I?

By Melissa • • 9 Jul 2012

My first words were truffle oil.

Okay they weren’t, but seriously they might as well have been. Food has always been a problem for me and I’ve come to realize that cooking is my solution. Cooking is the cure to everything, however recipes are like rules and I’m just not a fan.

Experimentation is incredibly rewarding and I am always thinking about what more I can add. Not necessarily about eating the food, but focussing on creating the masterpieces. I constantly have a mental hunger that can only be fulfilled in the kitchen. The oh so simple creations that force jaws to drop and my parents to be impressed. That’s right, my only experience in cooking has been cooking for my family, and my previous college roommates. I was solely educated via the Food Network and it has worked out pretty darn well for me.

Anyways, here I am, 23 years old and ready to share some of my delicious creations. Some are healthy, some aren’t. Please enjoy.



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