Tomato Pie so good it could unite a nation!

By Melissa • Side Dish • 21 Mar 2016

Start by making your crust!!!

Butter, flour, cold water, and salt!!! That’s it! Add those ingredients to your kitchen aid if you have one otherwise use this nifty tool  

I say about 2 cups of flour to a stick of butter and enough cold water to bring it together – about 2 tablespoons – and a pinch of good salt.

Then half some yummy cherry or grape tomatoes. Place them in a bowl with the best extra virgin olive oil you have, some salt and pepper, and a little thyme. Bake for about 45 min or until the crust starts to brown. If you need to, cover the crust with tin foil and continue baking till the tomatoes look like the picture above. This was sooooo good. Trust me !! 

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