Queso Pastelitos

By Melissa • Appetizers, Dessert • 3 Feb 2014

Finding authentic Cuban pastries in NYC is a surprisingly pretty difficult task. By authentic pastries, I’m referring to those gas station and MIA International Airport delicacies: QUESO PASTELITOS/ QUESITOS.  A queso pastelito is essentially a cheese danish with a spanish translation. YUM.

Let’s start:

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


1 package of Cream Cheese (room temp) (the box, not the circle)

1 tbsp vanilla extract

real sugar (I use borrowed packets from coffee shops)

sugar in the raw (also available in stolen packets)

store bought puff pastry (lazy-time)

make simple syrup (sugar & water- boil it)

egg whites (or eggs) (to help the edges in the folding process)


Make the filling first:  Put the cream cheese in a bowl, add vanilla, and about 4 packets of sugar(borrowed from a coffee shop). Mix really well. Taste it. Don’t be scared.

Then put some flour on a surface, whichever you have handy, and lay the puff pastry out. (forgot to take a pic).   Then cut into 9 squares, but aim for rectangles, as seen in the image below:

Queso Pastelito

Place the cream cheese filling into the center and fold like so. With a brush, or your clean finger, place egg whites on opposite corners to help the folding stick together.


unnamed (4)

Here is a pic of the cream cheese.


unnamed (5)

Place on a tray like this, cause why not?

unnamed (7)

After 20 min, remove from oven. Brush with the simple syrup and place sugar in the raw on top. Bake for another 5-7 min.   This gives you that delicious cavity crunch.

unnamed (8)

Tad-ah!!!  Golden and gorgeous queso pastelitos. Enjoy.

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