By Melissa • Entrées • 20 May 2013

Many people say that bacon is the greatest food on the planet. I would agree sometimes, that’s why a friend and I decided to wrap an entire chicken with…. BACON.

Here we go…

photo 3

  Purchase an entire chicken and 1 packet of bacon is plenty. Season the chicken however you would like… the fat from the bacon will moisten the chicken to perfection. Now you have to weave the bacon. You could simply just cover the chicken however you please, but a weave is fancy and looks pretty.

photo 1

  Next, cut up some root vegetables, we used beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and onions. This gives extra flavor and aromas to the chicken and the vegetables get cooked in delicious bacon fat. That’s still healthy right mom? Veggies in bacon fat? Anyways, they turn out amazing!

photo 2

  this step isn’t necessary but since we weaved bacon on a chicken we decided to glaze it with some honey, scotch whisky, and garlic.   (smother chicken breasts with this and you will be in total bliss)

photo 1]p

  Now, take the weave and place it over the chicken. The drums will likely not get covered so just wrap them like a mummy.

photo 2

 Now add your vegetables, drizzle with a tiny tiny bit of olive oil, and some salt and pepper.  Bake in a 375-400 oven for a good hour. If the bacon starts burning before the veggies are cooked, cover the bacon part with aluminum foil. It will prevent the burning and keep the chicken super moist.

photo 3

  KABOOM.    Baconpalooza

photo 4

 Another view of this masterpiece.   Enjoy.

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