Vegan Pigs in a Croissant Blanket

By Melissa • Appetizers • 12 Feb 2013

Here we have a healthy alternative to the classic bar mitzvah appetizer. Normally one would use Hebrew national mini hot dogs wrapped in who knows what. So one day, I was like, you know what let’s spruce this up a little bit. I purchased smart dogs (vegan hot dogs), a fancy croissant dough, and the rest was already in my fridge. Start by unwrapped the croissant dough (it comes in these obtuse triangles) and lay it out on a cooking sheet. Then take your normal sized vegan dogs and slice them longways in half, and then again in order to form what you see above. Then take whatever green herbs you have in the fridge, half of these have a sage leaf and the other half have some Italian parsley rolled in. Roll 2 or 3 pieces of vegan dog in each croissant triangle and top them off with a salty component such as parmesan or manchego cheese.  Bake for about 10-12 minutes on at a 350 oven and you’ll smell them when they’re ready. Serve with some honey mustard or any dipping sauce of your liking. Enjoy.

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