Blueberry Pies in the Dead of Night

By Melissa • Dessert • 12 Feb 2013


OKAY, Start with about 3 pints of fresh organic blueberries. Clean them. Dry them. Then on a medium to low heat pan, start simmering and reducing them. Paula Dean would now add butter and white sugar, but you are just going to add about half a cup of light Agave syrup. Continue stirring and it should look like this:





Then you will witness wonderful aromas and the blueberries will turn to a gelatinous liquid type texture. Add some lemon zest for an interesting palate experience.











Once the blueberry mixture looks like this… Pour it into a pie crust.









Then take the top pie crust and with a pizza cutter, cut long strips and have fun with it. As you can see mine are not perfectly aligned or patterned. Rustic cooking is sometimes the best. Then after about 13 minutes or so of baking at a 375 oven, wrap the corners with tin foil so they don’t burn while the rest of the pie cooks.

Also, sprinkle some sugar in the raw on top to add a little crunch and glamour.

Bake for another 15 minutes or until it looks like this.


 VUALA!!! A simple, partially healthy, and delicious pie that’s ready to be devoured. Enjoy!

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