Easy Easy Rugula

By Melissa • Dessert • 9 Nov 2012

This is a pre-cooked photo. Quick lesson: rugula is a jewish dessert that is basically a chocolate or fruit pasty that is rolled in the fashion as seen above. It’s a few bites worth so you don’t end up feeling guilty after eating one, two or twelve. Here’s what you do to make this delicious dessert: purchase a make your own baby croissant roll that’s raw dough.  It’s in the milk isle usually.  Then melt about 3 cups of dark semi-sweet chocolate chips with about 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter. This is you ganache filling. You are essentially making baby chocolate croissants but let’s just call them rugula… why not? Take the croissant dough out of it’s creepy tube POP, and lay it out. you will see these large triangles. Cut them in half with a pizza cutter. Next you spread the ganache mixture in the triangle and roll them up to look like the picture above. If you have an adventurous audience add different things to the chocolate. Crush some almonds, or any nuts you have, sprinkle a few with brown sugar and cinnamon,  anything you want because THERE ARE NO RULES IN COOKING!!!!!! bake for about 10-13 min, check it occasionally until they become cooked. Then dust some powdered sugar on top and your guests will surely be impressed. Enjoy

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