Ace your CLAM EXAM

By Melissa • Appetizers • 26 Oct 2012

Let’s just say everyone at the table was dipping anything they could find into this sauce so they wouldn’t have to resort to slurping the liquid. It’s so beyond simple. You need a decent white wine and unsalted butter. Obviously there’s more the the sauce than that, but those 2 elements are the brains of this operation. When these two ingredients are combined it creates the best marriage that seafood and bread could ever ask for. Start by sautéing 2 shallots or one jumbo shallot in a pasta pot. Then melt about a 3/4 of a stick of butter with a little less than half a bottle of wine. Let that get nice and hot and after you have washed your clams or use mussels, add them to the piping hot liquid for a good 7-8 minutes and put a lid on the pot. Then add a handful of grape or cherry tomatoes for color and a bit more flavor, along with salt and pepper and seriously…. VUALA! You have just created an award winning dish that people will drool over and wonder how you made that (if you are a beginner or not). Please… Enjoy!

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