Summertime and the Watermelon Gazpachos easy

By Melissa • Appetizers • 25 Oct 2012

Watermelon: what a refreshingly healthy and most important…yummy fruit. Cut about half a seedless watermelon and put it in a bowl. Add a pealed chopped cucumber. Then add two tomatoes, you can use red or yellow. Add one chopped yellow pepper to the bowl. If you want a zing add a super super chopped onion. I recommend sauteeing it a little before adding to the bowl but it’s not necessary. Then with your emulsifier, because every kitchen should come with one, blend all the ingredients together. Add a strong squeeze of lemon and a nice pinch of kosher salt. Taste it and if you don’t like it which you won’t add something else. That’s what cooking is about… tasting the food until your tongue is happy. Learn from mistakes. Then I topped the soup with some julienne mangos, drizzled some balsamic glaze, and finally garnished with a sprig of basil. Enjoy

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