DIY Tuna Tartare

By Melissa • Appetizers • 25 Oct 2012

I’ve ordered it in restaurants because I always had the mindset, order something you can’t do yourself. Well that thought is long gone when it comes to tuna tartar. As long as you have a fresh piece of tuna steak you are good to go. How do you know it’s fresh? Ask the person you are buying it from and take a nice huge whiff. If it smells fishy throw it back to the fisherman and try again.  Once you have found that juicy red fresh smelling piece of tuna it is time to dive into the challenge. Other ingredients you will need include lemons and limes, soy sauce, white mellow miso paste, sriracha if you want, 1 or 2 haas avocados and yellow tomatoes. Top it with a fancy cracker like I have done which is actually a miami local Crackerman Crackers (  They are delicious and unique, that’s why I’m adding their link. So start the liquid blanket for the tuna buy combining about half a cup of soy sauce (use the low sodium one because it’s just better for you and it exists), with a hefty tablespoon of miso paste. Whisk until they are intertwined. Then squeeze the lemon and lime into the mix. Don’t be scared and taste your creation. If it is too acidic for you pallet add some agave or honey. But make sure you have at least 3-4 tablespoons of acid, lime or lemon juice so that it will gentle coat the tuna. Add the hotsauce if you want tuna tartare with a zing. Add the finely chopped tuna into the bowl, cover, and place in the fridge for at least one hour! Take it out, give it a taste, hopefully you’ll like what your tongue is experiencing, and plate it with some yellow tomatoes and avocados. I garnished it with a carrot slice and a cracker.  Enjoy!

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