Bunless Burger

By Melissa • Entrées • 23 Oct 2012

This was one of the best leftover creations I had ever created. A hamburger cooked on the skillet with a dry rub of salt, pepper, dried garlic, and dried parsley. Now for the topping. You might be wondering.. what the hell is that? Well…. it is a leftover quinoa stuffed pepper that I sliced and re-sauteed on the skillet. It was soooooo good. After slicing the cold stuffed pepper, I coated it with garlic infused flour and flash fried it in a splash of extra virgin olive oil. Once a nice coating was formed I grated whatever cheese I had, which happened to be the delicious manchego on top and let it melt. mmmm this was a winner. The quinoa stuffed pepper recipe is coming up. Enjoy

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