Healthy “Fried” Rice

By Melissa • Side Dishes • 18 Oct 2012

A pretty dish will magnetize any palate.  This dish was one of those let’s use some leftovers and create a masterpiece.  Who ever eats all the white rice after ordering Chinese food? Maybe you do, but I don’t. So i save it and always fancy it up. Sauté some onions and garlic in a non stick skillet until transparent, not brown. Add some chicken, however you want to cut it– diced, shredded or random pieces. add that to the onions. Then add whatever veggies you desire. Add a nice amount of low sodium soy sauce because it’s just better for you. Then let it chill out on the stove for a while, stirring and add the white rice. You could microwave the rice to soften it up, it doesn’t really matter. Then add another decent amount of low sodium soy sauce and butter. Yes butter will make this dish glisten and taste phenomenal. Then in another pan scramble 2 eggs and let them chill in a skillet. Try to flip them whole and then put on a plate and make a cool design. That one art piece you create with the egg will wow your friends. Eat and enjoy.

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